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Apr 17, 2013 at 07:20 PM

Subcontracting Purchase Order generating one piece extra for components


The header material FG631 has Base Unit of measure as KG & Purchasing Order Unit is CSE

Alternate unit for FG631 is 1.000 CSE = 37.608 KG

The base quantity for manufacturing FG631 is maintained as 37.608 KG in BOM and has a component RM597 with quantity 1.000 PC. There is no component scrap maintained for the SKU RM597

Now a Purchase Order for 10 CSE is created for FG631.

When I select the components object list in the Material data view of the PO, I found that requirement quantity for the SKU RM597 has generated 11 PC. Ideally SAP should generate 10 PC only

The same is the case for all other components whose base unit of measure is PC

When I checked further in additional data for component by selecting the component and Extras à for Item, I noticed the requirement quantity is 10.002

Then I understood that the system is rounding the component requirement quantity from 10 to 11

Could any one please help me to identify where this extra 0.002 is getting calculated against the requirement quantity of 10 PC for RM597??