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Apr 17, 2013 at 02:17 PM

Connecting to MDM using a single user via a custom function module


Hi Experts,

We are currently working on how to fetch data from MDM server using a single sign on. The strategy followed till now was, we were connecting to MDM via class CL_MDM_GENERIC_API. We were creating the object for the class passing the connection details created in MDMAPIC

CREATE OBJECT lo_mdm_api
iv_log_object_name = lv_connection_name.

and then connecting to the server using connect method by passing the language information,

lo_mdm_api->mo_accessor->connect( lw_language ).

Here the user who is executing this program should also be available in MDM system. otherwise this throws USER NOT FOUND exception. This is our main constraint which we are trying to fix. If there are a number of systems trying to access to MDM then all such users should be available in MDM system too.

We are trying to fetch catalog content and other master data like supplier info, contract info from MDM system via custom function modules.

Please suggest a method with which we can connect to the target system using a single sign on and/or to fetch the required data from MDM.

Thanks & Regards,