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Apr 17, 2013 at 01:04 PM

web dispatcher url rewriting



we implemented a solution to access our portal from outside using mobile devices.

Now the developers placed some icons/links on the start page and for some of them we receive errors when accessing from the internet.

This problem does not occur when we call the url from the intranet.

Is it possible that the web dispatcher rewrites the urls ?

this ist how it looks like at the moment:

request from intranet direct to portal:


result 200 in response trace of portal

GET /xxx/xxxxxxx/xxx/xxxxxx/xxxxxxx/xxx!3axxxxx_xxxxxx!2fxx.xxxxx.xxxx.xxxxxx!2fxxxxxxxx!2fr!2fxx.xxxxx.xxxx.xxxxxxx_xx_xxxx!2fp.xx_xxxx_xxxx_xxxx!2fxx.xxxxx.xxxx.xx_xxxxxxx_xxxx_xxxx HTTP/1.1 200 1298 [26]

request from outside iPad -> apache reverse proxy -> SAP Web Dispatcher - portal:


result 403 in response trace of portal

GET /xxx/xxxxxxx/xxx/xxxxxx/xxxxxxx/xxx%213axxxxx_xxxxxx%212fxx%2exxxx%2exxxx%2exxxxxx%212fxxxxxxxx%212fr%212fxx%2exxxx%2exxxx%2exxxxxx_xx_xxxx%212fp%2exx_xxxx_xxxx_xxxx%212fxx%2exxxx%2exxxx%2exx_xxxxxx_xxxx_xxxx HTTP/1.1 403 364 [13]

I do use rewrite rules in the modification handler, but don't use any options like 'replace' etc because i didn't understand the documentation at this point.

for example:

if %{PATH} RegIMatch "^/xxx/xxx/xxxxxxx/xxx/xxxxxx/*"

RegRewriteUrl ^/xxx/xxx/xxxxxxx/xxx/xxxxxx(.*) /xxx/xxxxxxx/xxx/xxxxxx$1

I have tried oprion 'noescape' but this didn't bring any improvement