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Apr 17, 2013 at 09:55 AM

How to update field SNP Stock Transfer Horizon



We are planning to use "SNP Stock Transfer Horizon" (SHIPH) in order to avoid stock transfers proposals inside the "Planning Time Fence" - just like the MRP run uses the "Planning Time Fence" in ECC.

(We are currently running SNP Heuristic every Saturday and MRP daily, and we plan to use/copy the horizon from "PP/DS Planning Time Fence (FIXHZ) which gets updated from ECC. We know that this field uses workdays and the other uses calenderdays ).

I am facing issues:

How to update SHIPH when the key in table /SAPAPO/SNO02 is not updated for all entries in table /SAPAPO/MATLOC ?

( "SNP Stock Transfer Horizon" (SHIPH) can be found in table /SAPAPO/SNP02 and the key for that table is the "Supply Profile" (SPRID) - but SPRID is not maintained for all entries in table /SAPAPO/MATKEY, where also the PP/DS Planning Time Fence can be obtained.)


Product ID Location ID Supply Profile

JplNWW0}513X0800gnG80W GBwMnf0m0Eq20000gnG84m K9mpya1U4f3X0800gnG84m

GoZsfYZI02020000gnG82G GvvbN6V607C00000gnG82G HA3zY}il03G00000gnG82G

vVwpFUhdD2}X0000gnG80m GBwMnv0m0Eq20000gnG84m " "

u{CgFKx2}elX0000gnG80m GvvbN6V607C00000gnG82G " "

Any idears ?

PS! The reason for not choosing to MASS CHANGE the SNP Stock Transfer Horizon is that the Planning Time Fence dymamic and not static