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Apr 17, 2013 at 07:49 AM

Running .EXE file issue


Hello fellow developers.

I am rather new to ABAP and I have an issue with running an exe file from a bat file.

Let's say i have the following:

- a bat file: execute.bat with the command line: " test wr 37" ( is a random ip)

- an exe file: test.exe

If I run execute.bat it will run the test.exe . The test.exe returns a file named "return" which contains the ip number and a result number (something like: )

The problem is when I run execute.bat with ABAP with the function:



command = 'D:\execute.bat'

I don't get the return file .

I am mentioning that I don't know exactly what the .exe contains, just that it returns the file "return" with the specified information.

I don't know if the issue is from the files or from the ABAP code. If someone with more knowledge on this matter could help me it would be much appreciated.

Thank you,