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Apr 17, 2013 at 06:45 AM

ccBPM upgrade from PI 7.0 to PI 7.31 dual stack


hi All,

We are currently on an upgrade project from PI 7.0 to PI 7.31

One of our scenarios is a ccBPM which is quite straightforward which simply collects messages based on a condition and then finally creates a mapping based on a field present in the incoming files.

ie. When a file comes with field A as "FP" the receiver determination mapping finds the BPM, and then the BPM keeps collecting messages till a file comes with field A as "LP". Once this happens, the messages are sent to a transformation step where the mapping to the final message happens.

Using tpzs, we have simply migrated it from 7.0 to 7.31 box. However, the BPM was not stopping even when "LP" came in the field. All messages go to wait in the BPM until timeout.

In 7.0 the condition editor showed the loop condition as SA!="LP". However, when the tpz got migrated the BPM automatically showed SA!=Condition_1, where Condition_1 is assigned a value "LP".

Since the BPM was not stopping, I tried to fix it by updating the condition back to SA!="LP". As a result, the cache started going red, and now as a project issue i had to revert back to SA!=Condition_1. Back to Square one now, can anyone please tell me how to overcome this issue and what exactly happened when the condition got updated.