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Apr 17, 2013 at 07:09 AM

Unwanted Business Roles in SAP CRM


Hello Friends,

I am new in SAP CRM, i am learning this using some tutorials. I was going through business roles assignment and stopped at a point where i need your advise.

In SU01- '*' is assigned against parameter CRM_UI_Profile, so whenever i am logging to WebUI, i am getting a list of a long list of roles, by selecting any of them i am able to login, which is perfectly alright.

I replaced "*" with "SALESPRO", then when logging to WebUI i am directly going to SALESPROFILE without getting any option, which is again what i was expecting.

I created an org. unit and made my user as its user and assigned sales profile and removed parameter "CRM_UI_PROFILE" then i was hoping that it should perform exectly what it did in case of when i assigned directly "SALESPRO" in SU01 but to my surprise it shown me a list (much shorter than before) but i was seeing a list of many zroles and "SERVICEPRO".

My confusion is why i am seeing all those list when i assigned only "SALESPRO" in Org. Profile.