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Apr 16, 2013 at 07:38 PM

Create PR or PO from a Reservation



I'm working on a new business scenario:

At this moment, my client has this business flow for consumptions:

  1. Controllers made reservations of stock material in PS master (CJ20N)
  2. Warehouse staff picked up the reservation code and posted goods consumption in a MM one step movement (221, 281, for example)

This consumption is actually a transfer/consumption of goods to a location where the company has activity, so a goods slip is printed

Now it's mandatory to use stock transport orders in order to use SD delivery (not possible to post a 1 step movement). But our client still wants to start the flow in CJ20N, creating a reservation for stock material or a purchase requisition that can be used as a reference for the STO.

My question:

  • how can I create a PR or PO with reference to a reservation


  • in CJ20N how can I create directly a PR?

Any customizing steps?

(at the present time, our proposal is to manually create the STO)

King regards