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Former Member
Apr 16, 2013 at 06:42 PM

Large whitespace in exported Excel (Crystal Reports for Enterprise)


Hi there,

I am creating a report that will be exported in both PDF and Excel. I would like to have page footers displayed on each page for the PDF (at the bottom), and have the page footer appear once at the bottom of the Excel file (after the last record).

In the Excel export options, I have the page headers and page footers set to Once per report. The PDF export is perfect (page headers and footers appear on every page, as expected), but the Excel file contains a large row of empty cells below the final record, and above the footer. Is there a way to suppress this in CR for Enterprise without using the Clamp page footer on the last page? If I do clamp the last page, it solves my problem for the Excel, but it shrinks the height of the last page in the PDF, and when printed, appears in the centre of the page.

An alternative I tried was to display the page footer on every page other than the last page, and have the report footer (contains copy of page footer contents) display only on the last page. I set the report footer to 'Print at the bottom of page,' but this gives me the same results as before, with the large whitespace. If I do not set the report footer to print at the bottom, then the Excel is correct, but in the pdf, the final page will have it's footer not at the bottom.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.