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Apr 16, 2013 at 04:50 PM

Component configuration changes tracking / comparing the versions



This is with regard to SAP TM 8.1 system where FPM application / component configurations are done.

I am part of support team and I have posted an issue (some application dump) to the development team and issue has been fixed.

I am trying to understand what changes are done to fix this issue.

I know the transport request numbers pertaining to this issue where development team changes are done.

When i am looking at the objects locked under transport request, i see only table contents. Please see the screenshot below.

By seing this table contents i can't understand anything.

I have tried analyzing this by lanuching the WD application 'WD_ANALYZE_CONFIG_COMP'. But no clue what changes are done. But definitely some changes are done which i can see in the below screenshot.

I guess, we do not have version management suported in FPM. Please guide how to check this issue?.




Snap13.jpg (75.4 kB)
Snap14.jpg (100.6 kB)