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Apr 16, 2013 at 01:20 PM

Impact of changing Commercial Unit of Measure for existing UoM in CUNI


Greetings Experts, Gurus and SAP Sages,

One of our business units (which is yet to migrate their Material masters, BOMs, contracts etc.) requested that the name for the UoM for "Pair" is changed to "PR" (same as ISO code). The standard delivered UoM is "PAA". Basically, they would like the ISO code to apply and appear on all SAP screens.

We are considering a scenario to replace the Commercial Unit of Measure (T006A-MSEH3) in English to "PR". I want to understand if there is an impact associated.

There is some master & transactional data (e.g. Materials) utilising the "Pair" UoM in our system. However, I understand that the Commercial UoM name is purely representative and since the underlying database entries reflect the Internal Unit of Measure, there is no impact on data. The impact seems to mainly be ser training and process change.

We have done some preliminary tests in the Development system and it seems that all the key business scenarios (purchasing, goods receipt, issues) will use the relevant Commercial UoM on screen.

I understand that Note 637003 - Search report for units of measure may be helpful to assess the impact. However, I already know the "PAA" unit is used and technically, the Internal UoM will continue to be used - so this query is particularly about the impact of changing the Commercial UoM. Are there any issues that anyone's aware of, have you tried to pull off this scenario?