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Apr 16, 2013 at 01:19 AM

Error in running or downloading document after updating to Mobile BI app ver


Just last week, I updated my mobile BI app on my iPhone and iPad from 4.4.18 to the latest version, I am unable to run any existing mobile WEBI reports that I was able to run a week ago under version 4.4.18.

Every time I logon, I can see my available documents and it will try to download and I get "Error: Session Closed" Others on my team have not updated their iOS app, except one other person and those of us with the latest version get the error and those with the prior version 4.4.18 are able to execute the WEBI reports just fine on the mobile device.

It worked on both of my devices prior to updating the app and I've clear out the app data, re-created the connection and still have the error. I was wondering if any one else has updated their app to the latest version in iTunes and experience or not the same issue.