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Apr 16, 2013 at 12:56 AM

PI Alert Framework | Central Monitoring - Solmon



I've to configure the the solution manager for the central monitoring i.e. to receive the alerts from PI to Solmon.

Configured the below exchange profile parameters to point them to solmon.

I've deleted the existing RFC destination for "CentralMonitoringServer-XIAlerts" so that it automatically creates the new one which points to solmon.

I've defined the alert categories in solution manager ALRTCATDEF and i m able find them in PI run time work bench too.

I've created the interface specific rules in RWB for adapter engine failures and for Integration engine i've created a common rule.

Now the issue is, i m able to receive IE alerts into solmon but not AE alerts.

When i execute the SXMSALERT_LOGREADER on PI system, i see that IE alerts are being delivered but for AE alerts it shows no matching rule.

Do i need to create the RWB rules in PI system as well? why the alerts are not being delivered to solmon instead creating in PI system?

am i missing something? any pointers would be appreciated.



issue.png (181.2 kB)