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Aug 24, 2005 at 02:53 PM

500 SAP Internal Server Error.


I am currently trying to configure the BSP for use for the Ariba Invoice Viewer in DA2. The BSP configurations are complete, but when attempting to run the links to the associated hooks in the UK (where the asp, ftp, database, etc reside) I am receiving a SAP specific error.

The link being utilized is:

The error message generated is:

500 SAP Internal Server Error

Error message: FTP subcommand: Local error ( type of termination: ERROR_MESSAGE_STATE )

Could you please advise if this is an error I can track and or correct, or is this a BASIS configuration? The DA2 system seems to need to be able to see the following system/directory structure in the UK of iis.intranet.diageo with the directory of ariba2.

Your help in tracing the FTP error would be greatly appreciated.

The relevant service in SICF is activated already.

The SMICM status is green.

Thanks in advance

Murty Patchipala