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Apr 15, 2013 at 03:16 PM

Scorecard not displaying all data (SSM 10)


Dear experts

We have a SSM 10 (SP6 Hot Fix 2) implementation in which we have a large scorecard with 150+ KPIs and 20+ objectives. Most of the KPIs have data in the PAS Model.

The problem is that when opening the Scorecard, many KPIs appear without data, when actually in the PAS they have data. For example, half top scorecard is displaying data and half bottom scorecard is not displaying data.

We have done several tests and if we place those KPI without data into a smaller scorecard, in the new scorecard they do display data...

Is there any limitation in the number of KPIs/Objectives we can place in the scorecard? We modified a Java Application System property MASKPIOBJ to make sure we have no limitation.

Even in the server we have modified the and to place enough measures in the procedure:

... KPI100 Standard




up to 200

We have observed as well following note and we know for sure thats not an issue:

1835503 - Strategy Management Scorecard shows no values when a particular KPI is added

(Our Measure names are not so long as 80 Characters)

The SP6 Hot Fix 2 was supposed to solve our problem (Note 1839257 - SAP Strategy Management 10.0 SP6 Hot Fix 2):

"No data being displayed in the Scorecard when a very long list of measures is selected has been resolved."

But after installing the Hot Fix 2, the problem has not been resolved.

We have been tracing the applications and according the logs, we arrived to one conclusion: The Strategy Management Application in the NetWeaver, when requesting the Scorecard Data to the PAS, is not requesting the data for all the KPIs in the scorecard, only for some of them (the ones that display data). We know therefore that the issue is in the NetWeaver side, not in the PAS...

Does somebody have an idea about what the problem could be? Is the SSM capable to display 150 KPIs in a scorecard?

Thank you very much for your suggestions and hints.

Best regards