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Former Member
Apr 15, 2013 at 11:56 AM

Add line items to existing PO through Shopping Cart


Hello Everyone,

We are in blueprint phase for an SRM implementation in classic scenario (ECC 6.0 EhP 6, SRM 7.0, SP02).

I have a requirement to add line items to an existing PO by means of a shopping cart. To elaborate, initially a PO shall be created for a particular vendor & company code. Now, the need is to add line items to this PO by through creating of new shopping cart/s. We are looking around some control mechanism, wherein the buyer can first view these shopping carts in SoCo and then create a PR in the back end through SoCo for the carts which he wants to allocate to existing PO.

Once these PRs are created, they may be collectively attached to the existing PO through ME57 in ECC. The shopping carts routed to SoCo may or may not have source of supply assigned to them.

I presume that there is some custom development effort required around this approach. I also read something around an Amendment Shopping Cart on the forum, but was not too clear. I would like to know from the members the exact approach (for development or configuration, if available) to be followed in this regard.

Also, in case if you have any other methods for adding line items to an existing PO ( to create a change PO) by means of shopping carts, please do let me know.

Your inputs are appreciated.