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Apr 15, 2013 at 10:25 AM

IE9 & Infoview (XI3.1 SP5)


Hi all,

I have a client who has upgraded to IE9 and is having issues when trying to open Infoview. The same issues are described is this archived thread:

The solution then was that IE9 was not supported for that particular environment and would be supported in SP5.... Well, my client has SP5 and it's not working, so I'm stumped. IE9 has been used in both Compatibility Mode and in 'non Compatibility Mode, this generates the same error (attached).

We'd raised an SAP case previously, the resolution was to uninstall and reinstall IE9, which worked for a short while, but now the issue seems to have returned. (I can't ask them to uninstall and reinstall IE9 again, that's beyond a joke).

Environment details:

Product version: SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI3.1 SP5

Server OS: Windows Server 2008 R2

Client OS: Windows 7

IE Version: IE9

I could suggest rolling back to IE8, however, the poition we're in is that there is a desktop standardisation projocet going on and IE9 is being rolled out on new Windows 7 laptops as standard, so, rolling back to a nearly unsupported browser doesn't seem like the way 'forward'

Anyone else having these issues, if so, how did you resolve them?


error.png (137.7 kB)