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Apr 15, 2013 at 08:32 AM

Create data type for given XML


Hi Expert,

I have below xml file structure. Here I see that “input name” is repeating every time then how can I create data type for this xml as in Data type we cannot repeat element. During the activation it asks to remove duplicate record.

- <Planning>

- <User UserID="" FirstName="XYZ" LastName="Margaret" MI="">

- <Form>

<input name="txtPostitionId" value="1234" />

<input name="txtApplicantId" value="234567" />

<input name="txtEffectiveStartDate" value="10/01/2013" />

<input name="txtDateOfBirth" value="10/01/1975" />

<input name="txtEEOGender" value="Female" />

Thanks for your support!