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Aug 24, 2005 at 01:20 PM

SAPDB 7.3 - Round brackets in LIKE predicate



In SAPDB 7.3 round brackets '(' in LIKE-predicates are not interpreted as any other character but as a regular expression range. That's why there is an InvalidPatternException if you submit a statement like

select * from USER where USERNAME like 'Olf(Matic%'

The exception occurs because SAPDB is missing the closing round bracket. But all I want is to retrieve all Users whose names start with Olf(Matic. Now I know that there is the possibility to escape the round brackets. But as I use a JBOSS with extended finder methods, escaping characters in LIKE predicates is not a solution to me, because JBOSS generates the SQL statement. Furthermore, I want to keep my source code independent of the database used. For examplek, if I escape a round bracket and send the statement to an ORACLE database, I get an exception either, because ORACLE doesn't like "normal" characters to be escaped.

So the question is, is there a possibility to deactivate the feature of defining ranges in LIKE predicates by setting a property or something? As I said, I am using SAPDB 7.3. Upgrading to 7.4 is not really an option to me. I just want SAPDB 7.3 to treat round brackets in LIKE predicates just like any other character there is.

Thanks for any help in advance.