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Former Member
Apr 15, 2013 at 07:15 AM

Idocs stuck in SM58 in PI - transaction recorded status


Dear Experts,

I need your urgent help.

I have a file to Idoc scenario in which one file creates two idocs(WGSREQ and WPUBON).We are creating two idocs using 2 message mapping and included in single interface determination. The idocs are set to process immediately in WE20.

For this scenario, the load of messages is very high. High load is generally for Idoc1(WGSREQ). But the other idoc(WPUBON) is important to get posted in SAP before 9pm. But due to high load of first idocs, second idoc messages also get stuck in SM58 coz of which we missed the timelines.

Please suggest if we split this one interface into two interfaces, can it solve my problem??

Please suggest any other idea to reslove it.

Thanks in advance!!!