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Apr 15, 2013 at 05:09 AM

Few formatting Issues in BO4.0


Dear All,

Have few queries in formatting stuff of BO4.0. Any help (partly/fully 😊 ) would be highly appreciated:

1. We have some report headers in our report. When the user scrolls down, it goes off (i mean he will not be able to see header once scrolls down the reports)

But the user wants to see the headers to be fixed. Is it possible ? Can this be achieved?

2. Excel to pdf conversion

When downloading the report as excel & trying to convert to pdf to take print out. But since report has too many columns (around 25), the format is not that good. Is there anyway we can show all columns in single page using any other option with better formatting?

3. User prompt fot date

There is a User prompt in which user selects the date. The date format is getting displayed as mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss a.

This need to be displayed in dd/mm/yyyy format. Tried using many formulas using ToDate & FormatDate functions. Though the formula doesn't give any syntax error, the result displays as "Error"

4. A button to clear all selected filters

Is there anyway we can clear all selected filters at one shot? Is there any function available for this.

say we have selected some 4 filters. Now if we want to clear all filters at one shot instead of clearing each filters one by one manually.

5. Hierarchy to be maintained when export to excel

In the report we are able to see the hierarchy. But when doing the export to excel, the hierarchy is not shown.

Is there anyway hierarchy can be maintained as similar to that in the report.

Many Thanks,

Pavan Raj