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Apr 15, 2013 at 05:16 AM

How to create a REST based webservice in PI?


Hi Expert,

I want to expose my PI interface as REST based web service. I also want to use JSON.

i have already searched the internet but did not get any step by step how to doc or example.

My interface is simple. It contains userid as input.

Web service (REST) -> Pi -> Proxy (SAP R/3)

The user passes the userid as the input to the web service. The PI then calls ABAP proxy in a SAP R/3 system.

The R/3 returns user details(First name, last name, Age, Address) back.

How my schema should look like in PI interface? What URL I need to send it to calling application (system that calls the web service)?

What setups I need to do in REST Sender communication channel in order to implement JSON?