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Apr 14, 2013 at 10:35 PM

Can we force WebI to use jre version 1.6.43 ?



We are planning to upgrade to JDK 1.7 due to the security vulnerability issue.

We are currently using Business Objects XI R3.1 SP5 and planning for moving to SP6 shortly. But as the testing of SP6 would take some time, i would like to know in the mean time, will it be possible to force the BO application to use JRE 1.6.43 when both JRE 1.6.43 and JRE 1.7 is placed in the same server.

Java 1.7 will be pushed to every PC in the organization thereby breaking everyone's ability to use Web Intelligence Java panel. Is there a way to configure Web Intelligence to ignore Java 1.7 and use the Java 1.6.43 that is installed?

I am quite new to the administrative part of Business objects. So it would be great if any of you can provide me with the step by step procedure if there is any solution for the issue.

We use

Windows Server 2003 R2,

Business objects XI 3.1 SP5,

Tomcat 5.5,

IE 8

The common suggestion provided is to select the required Java version in

Control panel--> select Java --> Click Java tab .

But the above suggestion raises one more question which is

If we have multiple applications in the same machine which uses different version of Java. For instance if i have Application A which uses jre 1.7 and Application B for which i want to use jre 1.6.43, will the approach suggested work well in that scenario or will both Application A and B use the same jre version selected in the control panel Java option.

Thanks in Advance.