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Apr 14, 2013 at 08:41 PM

ACF Updown functionality for excel file download in web dynpro...702 BASIS release


Hello Sir/Madam,

I'm working on silent download of files from the web Dynpro application through Activate control framework (ACFupdown) features.

Although the ACFupdown works with content servers (KPro), i have noticed the alternative approach to handle silent file downloads without

context servers also, using the dedicate SICF service node.

(SDN Ref: )

We could successfully test the ACF Execute features by setting up the appropriate whitelist, but the ACF Updown functionality could not be


I have created a custom service handler note in SICF node. It is associated with the service handler class as specified in the reference SDN link Thomas Jung's tutorial. I have created the cache table and also noticed that the cache table gets filled with the xstring data for excel file.

Now with the below method call, the service handler class is not triggered.

lv_overwite = 'X'.

ls_urls-url = lv_url.

ls_urls-file = 'c:\download\coa_template.xls'.

APPEND ls_urls TO lt_urls.

wd_this->acf_method_handler->if_wd_acfupdownload_scms~http_get( urls = lt_urls

error = co_errorinformation_stru

override = lv_overwrite ).

Please advise what could have been missing to get the excel file download at the specified location and to analyze further..!!

Appreciate your help..!!

Best Regards

Shivaji Gannavarapu