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Apr 13, 2013 at 02:24 PM

Sales Return PGR FI entry must be same as PGI FI entry


Hi Experts

I have a requirement in my present assignment, the Materials are priced according to Moving Average Price. As per my understanding Moving Average Price would change from time to time based on incoming stock and present stock value.

When PGI is done, Inventory gets credited and COGS gets debited but when PGR is done, because of new evaluated price of the material, PGR is either Over-Under- Debiting Inventory and crediting COGS. What we want is the amount which gets credited to Inventory at the time of PGI. Same amount must get debited to Inventory when PGR is done.

What I, as an SD consultant, am thinking to do is, change the movement type of Schedule line category for returns to 653. But I am not sure if with this movement, item would still get evaluated and therefore changing the value.

Experts, please help me with this. I would be grateful for any inputs people here may have.

Thanks in advance.

Abdul Raheem Khan