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Status Profile for Quotation in SAP SD

Dear Experts,

Before posting this query, I have searched in SCN, google and also tried various combination to achieve my client requirement.But, failed to complete the activity. Hence, reaching you all.


A quotation will be created and should be approved/ rejected by 4 levels. If any of the approver rejects, it should not allow next level to approve the quotation.

In order to achieve this, I have created status profile and assigned to my quotation document type. Whenever its approved by one person the email is triggering to next level with quotation document. If any person rejects the mail is triggering to previous approvers along with the user created the quotation.However, if the next level knows the document number, he/she is still can approve or reject the quotation by using VA22 which is not as expected want to prevent this.

What I have done in BS02 is:

Status noStatusShort text   Long txt    Init.Status
Lowest status
Highest sta

I have tried various combinations like changing lowest / Highest status. By not keeping any status numbers for rejections. In all the combinations system is allowing next level to approve even though the previous level was rejected. However, system is stopping business to create sales order which is as expected.

Could someone help me to achieve the requirement. As far as I know, I am missing logic either at lowest/highest numbers or business transactions controls at Transaction controls of rejection status (Even this I tried with various combinations by using Lock)

Dear Moderators / Experts: I have spent lot of time on searching in SCN, read many threads and open sources. But, no luck, hence, posting this. Sincere apology for asking a question related to status profile which was discussed umpteen number of times in our SCN.

Thanks In advance,

Regards, Sai Krishna.

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4 Answers

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    Apr 15, 2013 at 06:15 AM


    I find this project very interesting.

    I think the next user is able to approve even if the previous one has reject the quotation because you always keep 1 as the lowest level possible allowing users to get back to latest statuses.

    I Hope this will help. I am also curious to know what technique did you used for sending the emails (outputs via VV11 or workshop notifications).



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    Apr 13, 2013 at 12:42 PM

    dear sai..

    i understood your query,

    could  you provide to us some more details for better understanding

    1. status profile has maintained at header level, are item level ?

    2. please check in sales document, whether you maintained the status profile field

    3. please check in item category document also.

    4. as per my knowledge the highest status should not be the same like you maintained 9.

    5. the highest status will be change step by step because the authorized persons  need to clear for the next level.

    please try it in this way   

    1 CRTD IBM-CRTD NA X 1 2 1 1
    2 App1 IBH-Appr1 NA
    1 3 1 1 ZIBHAut 3 Rej-1 IBH-Rej1 NA
    1 4 1 1 ZIBHAut 4 App2 FBP-Appr2 NA
    1 5 1 1 ZFBPAut 5 Rej2 FBP-Rej2 NA
    1 6 1 1 ZFBPAut 6 App3 CFO-Appr3 NA
    1 7 1 1 ZCFOAut 7 Rej3 CFO-Rej3 NA
    1 8 1 1 ZCFOAut 8 App4 MCP-Appr4 NA
    1 9 1 1 ZMCPAut 9 Rej4 MCP-Rej4 NA
    1 1 ZMCPAut

    please once try it in this way. it could be help for you, and i haven't worked on this, i have little bit knowledge on status profile.

    if i wrong please take the help of our experts, who are viewing this ticket

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    • Former Member

      Hi Raghu,

      Tks for your reply. I already tried the way you have explained. But, no luck. For e.g. IBH-Rej1 has rejected the quotation still system is allowing FBP-Appr2 to approve the document. This is my major concern. I strongly believe i am missing some basic logic.

      To answer your questions:

      Its at header level only. Not at Item level. I have assigned correct status profile to document type.

      Let me know what i am missing here.

      Regards, Sai Krishna.

  • Apr 13, 2013 at 01:39 PM

    Hi Sai,

    If you double click on your Rejection status ( Serial no 3 In your example) you can see Business transactions field for which you can define Approval or work flow transaction and set an indicator for FORBIDDEN , so if the status is Rej-1 then automatically further approval will be forbidden and you cannot go forward

    i copied the standard status profile, may be you can do some create a new profile and add Approval business transaction as EMAIL function to trigger the mail to approver



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    • Former Member

      Hi Santosh,

      Yes, I have done this already, but, still App2 is able to approve the quotation.

      Please find the screenshots of BS02.

      Rej1- Transaction control.

      Let me know what i am missing here.

      Regards, Sai Krishna.

      BS02.JPG (52.1 kB)
      Rej1.JPG (30.8 kB)
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    Former Member
    Apr 15, 2013 at 06:11 AM

    Hi Experts,

    Can anyone help me on this?

    Regards, Sai Krishna.

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