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Apr 12, 2013 at 02:49 PM

reg: role configuration key




I need some information about role configuration key, which purpose we use this role configuration key and what is the use.

I have a general scenario like below. can you please suggest me how can i configure this in Business roles.

Lets say

We have marketing Organisation for germany, and we have 1 marketing manager and 10 sales executives under marketing manager.For marketing manager we will be assign Business role as MARKETING PROFESSIONAL. But for sales executives what roles we need to configure and what configuration settings we need to do?

Because marketing manager will be having the MARKETING PROFESSIONAL Business role he can able to see the complete data about marketing.

But whereas sales executive will be having the diffret roles??


Marketing manager

Under marketing manager

sales executive 1

sales executive 2

sales executive 3

and so on...

Please explain me in detial so that i can able to do the configuration for this,