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Apr 12, 2013 at 10:16 AM

Logical System change by BDLS


Hello All,

I am trying to reassign a new source system NEW1 by replacing old source system OLD1 using BDLS in the source system.

But the NEW source system logical system name already exists, in addition few of the data sources replicated, transformations, Info packages and DTP's are created using NEW1 system. And also I ran BDLS, ended with shortdump/transaction terminated :

Error analysis

Short text of error message:

Transformation does not exist (see long text)

Long text of error message:


The transformation specified by transformation ID , source and

target , does not exist.

System Response

The system terminates processing.


Procedure for System Administration

I have checked objects in RSA1, Transformations and datasources are switched to NEW1 but status is inactive, DTP still on OLD system. Strange thing I am looking is when I change & try to activate Infoobjects, it says Error while activating Infoobject: Long text

Transformation XYZ inactive. Action cannot be executed

Message no. RSBK260


A transformation (XYZ) used by the DTP is inactive.

System Response

The action (request processing or DTP maintenance) was terminated.


Activate the transformation. It connects the source 0CUSTOMER_TEXT OLD1 to the target 0CUSTOMER

Can I delete the new source system and then use BDLS?

How do I make sure that the reassignment happens correctly?