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Apr 12, 2013 at 06:54 AM

Whether SAP provides a tool / ABAP program to extract 'all' data for the last 6 months


Hi SAP Gurus,

Our Production system is having a huge size. Due to this, the UAT system could not be refreshed and hence the more recent Live scenarios could not be appropriately tested in the UAT client. The client requires a Production refresh without creating a huge database replica. Hence the thought is that if possible the previous 6 months data to be extracted from Production and the same to brought into a different environment (say Pre Production) where the Users can carry out the needed testing.

With this background, requesting the forum to provide some tool if available in Standard SAP to extract 'all' data from 'xx.xx.xxxx' Date to xx.xx.xxxx Date. If not standard, how can be with the custom route.

This must ensure that the entire Configurations / Developments are brought from 'Inception To Date' and the Transactional data as per above mentioned restricted date (say 6 months or so).