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Apr 12, 2013 at 05:56 AM

Activation of Public Sector Management Node in Sandbox



We have done the configuration for the following modules in Sandbox system.

• General Ledger.
• Accounts Receivable.
• Accounts Payable.
• Asset Accounting.
• Cost Element Accounting.
• Cost Centre Accounting.
• Internal Order Accounting.
• Profit Centre Accounting.
• Profitability Analysis

All the above modules are functioning properly as required.

Now the requirement is to activate the Funds Management module for Budget Tracking. While activating the Funds Management, it was found out that Public Sector Management node is not available in SPRO.

If Public Sector Management is activated, will it have any impact on existing configuration mentioned above? Will above existing master data will be impacted (will it lost)?

Please let us know the impact of this as our sandbox is cross client it will have impact on all the modules.