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Apr 11, 2013 at 05:14 PM

how to know(F_15) the system form field



A Small info i need.

i had a requirement..

in emp master table Address tab one field is there work street...

if the user while adding it is checking if there is no value..

it should not allow fine..

i had written

ofrom.itemes.item("50").specific.value="" then

ok fine i got the result..

if i write

ofrom.itemes.item("Workstreet").specific.value="" then

It is not allowing showing... Form type 60100-3 and filed is F_15


how can i check. the field has any value are null

I dont want to use item uid 50 i want to us Workstreet only

ofrom.itemes.item("Workstreet").specific.value="" then

any suggestions if you ask why..


i had a another requirement....

In matrix i put comobo box...

throug the query i add valid values into the comobo box...

see the below query

all the fields are loading from ocrd table..

select *


where TABLE_NAME='ocrd'

suppose zipcode they selected in the comobox....

he added the data find..

so, my work is while adding the bp master zipcode should not be null..

how can check it.

i dont know particular at which field he want to be choose...

based upon the matrix combo values i should validate the fields..

so, thats why i am asking is it possible or not...

ofrom.itemes.item("Workstreet").specific.value="" then

Any ide how can i solve this one..