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Apr 11, 2013 at 12:38 PM

How to eliminate splits in RT


Dear Experts,

I have a scenario, wage type shouldn't pro-rate. We have maintained processing class 10 specification 0 in v_512w_d. Also we have maintained processing class 20 specification 4 for that wage type. We have 2 splits in IT0000 & IT0001. We have maintained this wage type in IT0008. But when we run the payroll system is bringing double entries in RT.


Wage type 1412 - 300/- (amount)

Wage type 1412 - 300/- (amount)

in RT 1412 - 600/- (amount)

We want 1412 should come 300/- only in RT. How to achieve this. We have also written PCR for this.



1412 Other Allowance

ELIMI * Elim.time period ID

RESET R Set time period ID

ADDWT * OT Output table

This above PCR we have inserted after the XVAL. Above PCR is being processing in payroll log. But it's not eliminating splits. It's displaying double amount in RT i.e. 600/- but should come only 300/-.

Your early response highly appreciated.