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Apr 11, 2013 at 10:13 AM

FM related Budget Control error during Project related PO


We are creating an entry related to WBS elements, it can be JV or PO thru MM.When ever we are doing this system is giving us error regarding

Annual budget exceeded by 10,000.00 INR (FM PB Availability Control) for document item 00001

Message no. FMAVC005


The annual budget is exceeded by 10,000.00 INR (FM PB Availability Control) for the document item 00001. Budget control on outgoing amounts ( ceiling type Expenditures) raised this message for the following combination of availability control ledger, fiscal year (and if applicable, year of cash effectivity) and control object:


Whenever FM is activated in system it needs a Fund center and Commitment Code even if entry is being made related to Project(WBS elements).

Till date system was not giving us any error like above but from last two three days we are getting above mentioned error.

Derivation strategy maintained in system for Projects is 9h01

Derivation rule is er1.png



By using above configuration steps system should avoid checking budget for Project related entries when Fund center is PRJ_DUMMY. but system is not behaving like this.

Any Suggestion where we would look to rectify the error.