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Apr 11, 2013 at 08:00 AM

Strange PB datawindow "feature"


Hi All,

One of our customers discovered that by doing a copy Ctrl-C on a DW list, he can do a Paste on notepad and get all the contents of the DW list.

This could be a cool feature, if not for the unexpected problem that the list includes passwords and other information that users are not supposed to see.

I've tried capturing the ctrl-c on pbm_dwnkey, and then calling PeekMessageA, but this is not preventing the copy.

// Prevent Ctrl-C

blob{28} lblb_Msg

IF KeyDown(KeyShift!) AND KeyDown(KeyC!) THEN

PeekMessageA(lblb_Msg, 0, 256, 264, 1)



End If

Anybody run into this feature, and any ideas about how to overcome this?

We're on PB12.5.1 Build 4595 (though I don't think it's related to this version, as it also occurs on PB10.5)


Mick Hillel