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Apr 11, 2013 at 06:20 AM

Currency Issue


Hi gurus,

When I run DTP, I always receive failure. According to the job logs, in one line it gives

"Maintain conversion factors for TRY / CAD (currency type N)"

At the job details, I see

" No conversion factors are maintained for the currency pair or there is no valid entry for 23.06.2008"

What I have done are maintenance of OB08 screen and TCURR table, so I see a particular conversion rate with the "valid from" as specified in the error. However I still can not load the data from DSO into cube.

I would like to know what more is needed in this case to reach a solution.

Thanks in advance.



ob08.jpg (31.1 kB)
tcurr.jpg (34.6 kB)