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Apr 11, 2013 at 05:23 AM

Creation of sales orders using BDC.


Hello Eveyone,

I am SAP SD Consultant in retail.

I am attaching one requirement in a word doc.

Kindly suggest if I can help my company getting this requirement done without ABAP consultant.

Otherwise if there is any better solution for this requirement.

Thanks in advance.


Yamini Bajpai

Requirement Mentioned below:

  1. Creation of Sales Order (using BDC): The following data points are uploaded using the excel file:
  2. Order Number
  3. Order Date
  4. Invoice Date
  5. SKU Code
  6. Product Title
  7. Quantity
  8. Payment Type (COD/ Pre-paid)
  9. Customer Name
  10. Contact Number Address
  11. Zip- Code
  12. City Name & Country
  13. Supplying Site
  14. Discount Amount / Freebie (free of cost) if any
  15. n. Courier Agency
  • o. Airway Bill Number
  1. p. Product Weight
  2. q. Packaging Dimension
  3. r. Customer Routing Code (Code used by Courier Agency for customer pincode)
  4. s. RTO Routing Code (Code used by Courier Agency for Return/RTO pincode)
  5. Releasing Invoice (warehouse level): At this stage, stock and financial entries are hit. Double click on the invoice to be released (from the list of un-released invoices)
  6. Invoice Cancellation: This functionality is used for taking Sales return (both stock and financial entries are hit). It is a combination of MIGO reverse and VF11 (Cancel billing document). Invoice details are shown as below; save to cancel invoice; Invoice cancellation number is generated.
  7. To Generate PDF of Invoice: Generate a PDF of the Invoice (PDF of sample invoice is attached)
  8. To generate PDF of Shipment Label: Shipment Label (pasted on the consignment; PDF of sample shipment label is attached). Shipment label has barcode for Airway Bill Number and Order Number and also Routing Codes for Customer Destination and Return/RTO Destination.

Note: With each consignment both invoice and shipment label is printed and dispatched.

  1. 6. Generate Dispatch Manifest (for Courier Partner): This is the document which includes the details of all the shipments shipped through a Courier partner on a particular day from a particular site (PDF of sample dispatch manifest is attached)
  2. 7. View Invoice Details: To view the invoice details both Sales and Sales Return