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Apr 10, 2013 at 08:22 PM

combining formulas



What is the best way to combine and display the following logic in a crosstab report?

Online: if Section Number = 65; 65A; S165; S265

Hybrid: if Section Number = 75; 75A; S175; S175A

Day: if start time < 5:00pm

Night: if start time =>5:00pm

Other: no start time

I have the following formulas and would like to know if I can somehow combine these and/or find a better way to accomplish the above.

Hybrid = [Section Number] InList (“65”; "65A”; "S165”; "S265")

Online = [Section Number] InList( "75" ; "75A" ; "S175" ; "S175A")

Time =If FormatDate( [Start Time] ;"HHmm") >= "1700" Then "Night"
ElseIf( IsNull( [Start Time]) ) Then "Other" Else "Day"