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Apr 10, 2013 at 08:15 PM

Issue with Dashboard Design and query


We have designed some dashboards using queries, we view them within the BI Launch Pad. We started getting an crossdomain error (2170). I modified the crossdomain.xml to the specifications listed in a number of documents, nothing would work unless I made an unsecured crossdomain.xml file.

Through a lot of testing we discovered that the domain that the server was not in was not getting picked up when we viewed the dashboard. If I added a valid domain name to the URL, then the crossdomain.xml error would go away.

My question, the server is part of an valid domain, how come it is not getting picked up when the dashboard is being viewed? Most of our users use a DNS entry to access the BI Launch Pad. According to our network team, they cannot add a domain name to the DNS entry.

Window 2008 R2

BI 4.0 SP 2 FP 15

Tomcat 6