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Apr 10, 2013 at 10:36 PM

How to deal with a huge report


PB 12.5.1

Looking for some suggestions on how to deal with a report in a DW that is very large (around 500 MB). Without going into all the details they need these reports because they have to show them to the auditors. I have a report threading program that will allow these reports to run as a seperate thread. Once the report finishes it then uses GetFullState() to return the result set. The problem is once the GetFullState call is made it will error out because Sybase is unable to allocate the blocks of memory necessary to return the result set.

My first thought was to use the Storage = Disk option but this does not work as advertised (uses almost as much memory). My next step is to have the thread save the data and the DW syntax into the database and the have the client restore this into the viewer. Another thought is to save it as a PSR and then the client just view that.

Are there any other ideas or suggestions or rule of thumb things out there for dealing with large reports that have to be stored and viewed?


Chris Craft