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Apr 10, 2013 at 10:55 AM

Simple doubt on data load/ report display value ?



If we are loading the infocube daily and its a delta load. There is 1 zfield in the infocube, its called zdate, this gets the value of sy-datum ( system date/current day's) date while loading the infocube. This zdate field is displayed in the report in free characteristics.

My question: Can we get the last value in the report for this field, and can we get the last date when the cube was loaded. For example, this gets loaded 2 days back. IN the report, if we put last value for this zdate field as the property. Can we get 2 day's back date in the report ? It should not display any other value, ....if the data get's loaded today. the value should be today's date as today is the last value for that zdate field.

How to satisfy this requirement ? Our requirement is to display the last loaded date in the infocube ? Please suggest any options, lookup's , variable,s customer exits, formula's...whatso ever...Its an infocube and gets delta load every 10 or 15 days. I appreciate it.

Thank You,