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Apr 10, 2013 at 09:07 AM

RAWSTRING values in Debugging



Can anybody please guide or help for below 2 points.

While debugging SAP TM applications, some field values are coming in RAWSTRING. During runtime in debugging it has become a difficult task to identify what is the exact value(String or char value) until the correct value displayed in UI.

It is more easier in normal ABAP debugging, to check the data coming fine or not we can cross check in the SAP database table by giving key field value.

But i believe we can not do the same here in SAP TM because the data displayed is RAWSTRING and same format is not stored in database.

1. Is there any mechanism in BOPF using which we can cross check or confirm the values are coming fine.

2. For every record i see KEY, PARENT_KEY, ROOT_KEY . What are these and how they are generated? what are they pertaining to?