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Apr 10, 2013 at 08:12 AM

Problem with very detailed Trace in ADS (Win2K8R2_x64/NW731) Subsystems


Problem with very detailed Trace in ADS (Win2K8R2_x64/NW731) Subsystems

Testreports (FP_TEST*) are successfull.

Only with flag "very detailed trace" in TA SFP (Utilities --> Settings) or User Settings is a problem:

ADS: SOAP Runtime Exception: CSoapExceptionTransport:(100101)

And there's no return of pdf document with Testreports.

ADSUSER and ADS_AGENT have Authorization and Destinations are correct too.

At every other Trace settings (no Trace, short Trace, etc.) there's no problem with returning pdf documents.

The SAP workaround looks like this:

Copy pslist from sysinternals to host. Start pslist and acknowledge EULA.

SAP tells me, that pslist is necessary for general tracing. It's not an ADS specific problem.

And there's current no SAP Note which describes this problem.

I've heard the first time about this workaround.

Do you know if SAP is using really pslist or needs the ADS Server only the EULA acknowledgement?