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Apr 10, 2013 at 04:04 AM

How can i concatenate and truncate user selected entry in serach help result list?



I have custom table (say, my_tbl) with 2 columns, the entries looks like below,

Country | Description

US | Group 1: USA
CA | Group 1: Canada
FR | Group 2: France
DE | Group 2: Germany
IN | Group 3: India

I need to create a search help (say, my_hlp) and i need to attach it a select-option field (its name is, 'Country_and_Description') of selection screen of my_report, the search help should,

1) possess 2 search criteria fields, Country and description

2) but, once user selected an entry then the enrty should come and sit in Country_and_Description together with its associated description, say, if user selected 'FR' on search help output result list, then i need to populate it as 'FR - France' in Country_and_Description field of selection screen

3) Group X should truncate and just actual name should come

Pls. let me know how can i achieve my 3 requirements, what is the code snippet i need to put in the user-exit of search help my_hlp?

Thank you