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Apr 10, 2013 at 01:42 AM

[BI Cluster] Tomcat Load Balancing issues


Dear all experts,

I have 4 BI servers (each server installed with BI + Tomcat) and form a cluster. Tomcat is configured with load balancing (i.e. when users access BI launchpad, the traffic with be divered to 4 servers) with http server installed and configured in ONE of our server e.g. HOST_BI1 server. Therefore, everytime the user login to http://host_bi1/BOE/BI , the traffic will be divered. However, it is confused that we have to use one of the server name to be the URL for BI login. Is that possible to use a virtual host name like http://sap_bobi/BOE/BI so that every request will also be divered to one of the 4 servers.

Besides, we have some opendoc command configured in our report like http://host_bi1/.....opendoc.. What if the user is actually logged in to bi4 (because of load balacning) with the opendoc command is pointing to bi1 server ? Would that required user to login again?

Thank you for your help.