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Apr 09, 2013 at 08:15 PM

Customize availability control screen in VA01? (I want to disable certain options)


Hi there,

Can anyone think of a way to disable or grey-out the 'Complete Delivery' and 'Delivery Proposal' options on the availability control screen in VA01?

In our business model, we require that the One-Time Delivery option be selected. However, we would still like the users to see the availability control screen to see when additional inventory will be available, branch to the availability overview, check inventory at other plants. Thus we don't want to simply configure OVZJ to automatically choose One-Time Delivery without showing the dialog box.

Is there a user exit, enhancement, etc. where I can disable the Complete Delivery and Delivery Proposal buttons up on the menu bar, and also the green check boxes ('Copy) next to those options in the lower part of the screen?

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated!