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Apr 09, 2013 at 07:47 PM

Export Control Management in SAP R/3


Hello Security Experts,

We have an Export Control requirement. We have a possibility to mark a SAP Document Information Record (DIR) as Export Control (EC) relevant.

When a document is marked as EC Relevant, not everyone should be able to access the DIR.

We want to restrict the access of the user based on the location from which he/she is accessing the DIR. The only way which I think we can achieve this is,

by checking the IP Address of the user's device. Unfortunately I am stuck as users access SAP via different ways using proxy, Citrix etc.

Example, if the user accesses DIR from Country1, he.she can access it; but when he/she tries to access it from Country2, the access of barred.

Hence, I am looking for any input, existing SAP solution or custom solution which can help me achieve this requirement of Export Control.

Thanks in advance,