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Apr 09, 2013 at 06:50 PM

How to trouble shoot AS ABAP role provisioning not working?



I'm currently having trouble getting the role/privilege assignments for one AS ABAP system to work. I've been assigning roles/privilege through the user interface and while the changes are saved in IDM, they're not being written to the AS ABAP repository. Conversely the 'update ABAP user' changes are working and are being written to the AS ABAP repository.

Here's my setup and what I've complete so far:

  • Identity center and user interface are configured.
  • initial load for AS ABAP completed, appears to be successful. Users and ABAP roles were read and then written back to the users in the ABAP system.
  • the ABAP repository event tasks are set to the following. Since the repository was created with a wizard I'd expect these are defaults.

I've been checking the job log in the IDM Admin interface and see the following:

As you can see the 'update ABAP user' changes are sent to the R3D100 repository and the role/privilege assignments are sent to the 'notification' repository. I don't understand why this is. Can you help explain this and possible send a link to documentation for future study as well?

I have read through the configuration guide (2013) as well as the provisioning turorial (not helpful for AS ABAP) and didn't see a where the notification repository was mentioned. I do understand the concept of the Pending Value Object, however I don't see the connection between the PVO and notification repository.

Ideally I'd like to understand both why the provisioning of roles/privileges is not working as well as to understand better how to trouble shoot and know where to confirm that my configuration is correct.

Your help is much appreciated.



repository.png (10.2 kB)
job-log.png (30.0 kB)