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Apr 09, 2013 at 03:22 PM

Disp+work.exe error: bad host name



I'm new to SAP and I've installed the Netweaver AS 7.0 32bits trial version because I need to learn how webservices work on this software.

I installed this version and all worked well until I modified the "SAPLOCALHOSTFULL" and "icm/host_full_name" parameters in RZ10.

Actually I followed this tutorial:

I created a webservice from a function module but then I couldn't see it in the WSADMIN interface.

So I tried to connect to the SOAMANAGER interface and I got some errors. One of them was about FQDN (Full Qualified Domain Name).

I read some tutorial about this issue. It was written to give a full qualified domain name as value to the "SAPLOCALHOSTFULL" and "icm/host_full_name" parameters.

So I did it but now I'm not able to start SAP (from SAPMMC) anymore.

My problem:

- The "disp+work.exe" dispatcher in process list goes green for few seconds and then become yellow.

The problem come from the value I assigned to "SAPLOCALHOSTFULL" because I see these lines in my "dev_w0.txt":

M  ***LOG Q0I=> NiPGetHostByName: '' not found: getaddrinfo [ninti.c 895]M  *** ERROR => ThSetGwParam : NiHostToAddr failed [thxxhead.c   19733]M  *** ERROR => ThIPCInit: ThProfileRead [thxxhead.c   2122]

and "" is the value I assigned to SAPLOCALHOSTFULL...

So does anyone know if I can fix this problem (like reseting default parameter values) without re-install all SAP NW again?

Any help would be appreciate 😊

Thx for my English and have a nice day


Michaël Stadelmann