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Apr 09, 2013 at 10:25 AM

.Net application integration with SAP PI


Hello SAP PI Gurus,

I have a situation where the partner has .NET application and wants to connect SAP R/3 via SAP PI.

So, i have developed a scenario from SOAP to RFC and asked my partner to send message to the URL i provided to him.

But i am not able to see this message in PI Monitor.

However, when i try with SOAP UI, then the message is arriving and when client is trying, i can see that in HTTP Log file, there is a 500 internal server error . in my case is 200 stauts ok.

1) So, any hints in this issue is acceptable.

2) is SOAP necessary to connect to .NET application, Cant i use HTTP ?

3) Any Documents or links in this area is very helpful.