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Apr 08, 2013 at 08:35 PM

Material Ledger detailed report?


Hi Gurus.

Recently we had implement Material Ledger in our company, and these will be our first period end closing with Material Ledger.

However we are trying to get a new report that shows every finished product like the cost analysis in the production order, I understood that isn’t possible to get the detail for every production order, but, before Material Ledger, we had Standard price for finished products and MAV for Raw materials, so we could get the completed information from COEP table, and now it isn’t the same because we have standard price for raw materials too.

Now, for us is not strictly necessary to get the completed cost for every order, but at least for every Finished product and all the cost component, I think that something like CK13N that shows the detail of “Periodic unit price”.

Somebody knows if it possible?